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BCI have Very specialized entity in the market, formed as a result of the present directors wish to operate a high quality service very specialized to Hospitality Industry that is truly receptive to clients needs in particular the need to understand a business process and to ensure that systems are in place to assist the business in delivering its products and services - not hampering its operation.

Service Quality is a result-oriented approach. It deals with the characteristics of the service that really matter to end-user. It addresses service providers that have tangible results to expose to end users, consumers.  It guarantees the customer the respect of the service they receive during their stay.
to keep its operation profitable and competitive.
to continuously exceed guest expectations.
to experience the service it provides through the eyes of its guests.
owners & managers to know how staff reacts in the "moments of truth" during their daily service routine.
Provides a set of guidelines that highlight strengths and deficiencies.
from competitors by providing guest with high quality of service
Measuring the impact of training programs

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