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Management of accounting training course


By the end of the program, Participants will be able to:

-          Explain the five reasons why businesses should keep accounting records;

-          Read and interpret straightforward profit and loss statements and balance sheets;

-          Describe how to prepare a cash flow statement to forecast and control sources of revenue;

-          Use financial ratios to analyze your  business’s financial results


  • Functions of Accounting
    Company Operations Accounting Information & the Decision-making Process Information Provided by the Accounting Department Classify Accounting Information
  • Elements of a Financial Statement Overview of  Financial Statements Balance Sheet
    Income Statement Cash Flow Statement
    Notes on Financial Statements
  • Basic Analysis of Financial Statements, Analysis Techniques, Selection of Criteria
    General Overview of  Financial Ratios
  • Analyze the Profitability Ratios
  • Analyze the Liquidity Ratios
  • Analyze the Business Cycle
  • Limitations of Analysis
  • Action Plan

Training Plan

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