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Crisis management


  • · Gain an overview of crisis management procedures
  • · Understand crisis management best practice
  • · Learn the roles and responsibilities of a crisis management team
  • · Understand how to correctly handle internal and external communications
  • · Understand the processes required for effective crisis management, and how to put these into practice


  • · Assess the crisis management strategy employed by the delegate’s organisation
  • · Design an effective crisis management team
  • Implement a programme for developing a crisis management plan
  • · Establish a training programme for the crisis management team


Course Content

• Fundamentals

o The characteristics of a major crisis

o The principles of crisis management

• Crisis Management Plan

o Aims and objectives

o Roles and responsibilities

o Detailing and allocating key tasks

o Identifying a crisis

o Categorizing crises

o Crisis management team meetings

o The role of media handling

• Communications

o Internal and external

o Communication equipment

o Managing the information flow

Training Plan

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