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Emergency Management, civilian defense and firefighting training course


  •    Confirmation of the requirements of Fire Safety Standards for the company
  • Discussion of fire risk assessment and emergency procedures and fire precautions which shall be agreed prior to commencement of works, ensure that operatives on site are familiar with the risk assessment and emergency procedures, Ensure that all site staff are adequately briefed and instructed on fire safety arrangements for the site and may be required to present proof.
  • The use of petrol driven plant (excluding staff cars) or equipment shall be prohibited at all locations on the site unless written permission is granted by Insert Your Company Name, ensure that All combustible materials shall be stored in a position and in a manner approved by The Safety Officer


  • Risk assessment and the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Assessments to deal with firefighting activities in a number of key areas, for example, in buildings, use of Ventilation, (including Positive Pressure Ventilation), In rural areas etc
  • Evaluate the risks of fire and decide on precautions
  • Record the findings and implement them
  • Review the assessment of fire risk and update if necessary.
  • How to extinguish fire and make emergency plan
  • Methods of safety and firefighting and how to use extinguisher

Training Plan

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