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Global Gap training course


Initiate the culture of good agricultural practices and Minimizing detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker and consumer health and safety standards, Enhance food safety management systems on your farm

Demonstrate commitment to producing and trading safe food and

Increase consumer and customer confidence in your product safety and quality and all things related to agriculture like (place, before agriculture treats, fertilization, harvest, storage, after agriculture treats)


  • Good agricultural practices    
  • Background to the development of private voluntary standards in agriculture, the Global gap scheme and benefits
  • Global gap general regulations
  • The structure of Global gap and Global gap  standards
    – All Farm Base scope
    – Crops Base scope
    – Crops Sub-scopes
  • Interpretation of control points and compliance criteria
  • Case studies

 The sub-scopes covered will be tailored to meet delegate's specific interests, e.g. Fruit and Vegetables, Combinable Crops, Coffee (Green), Tea, Flowers and Ornamentals

Training Plan

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